Dysdera crocata

This woodlouse spider was running around the garage looking for a roly poly to munch on. These spiders, native to the Mediterranean basin, are now found in may places around the world! They are pretty large with some vicious looking fangs! Dysdera crocata

Aglenopsis potteri

This beautiful funnel weaver decided that the best place to spin her funnel was at the back of our mailbox! Good thing I found her first and was able to move her somewhere else! Aglenopsis potteri

Araneus diadematus

There was an amazing web in the garage window and this Cross Orb Spider was right in the middle! I wonder if the pattern on the abdomen of these spiders could be used like fingerprints to identify individuals? Araneus diadematus

Herpyllus ecclesiasticus

The common name of this spider is the Eastern Parsons Spider. I found this little gal in my upstairs bathroom. Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Travis McEnery’s Wonderful Video